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Linux - test it (en)

Linux simply thrills me. If you think about, which operating system you should use to surf the Internet, send e-mails, do office work, then this and much much more can be done very well with Linux. There are various flavors of Linux. I prefer to use Debian for servers, Linux Mint Debian (LMDE) for desktop computers.

Your first contact with Linux...

LMDE...may look like that you download from the Internet an ISO file of a live version. Burn it to CD or DVD - depending on the amount of data. Keep in mind  not just to copy the ISO file to CD or DVD with 'copy'! Then restart your computer from these burned CD or DVD. From a live version nothing will be installed on your computer. If necessary, programs from CD / DVD will be loaded, which takes a few seconds. If you have Linux installed once, then the programs start faster than from CD / DVD.

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